Irrigation Syringes

Our Bulb and Piston Irrigation Syringes consists of a steady flow of a saline or other cleansing solution. Irrigation can remove debris from the wound to allow visual examination. The irrigation solution is meant to remove cellular debris and surface pathogens contained in wound exudates or residue from topically applied wound care products. Compared to swabbing or bathing, Wound Irrigation with a syringe is the most consistently effective method of wound cleansing.


Item Description Case Qty
3106 Thumb-Control Ring Syringe 30
3107 Clear-Vu Bulb Syringe 30
3108 Thumb-Control Ring Syringe w/STA 30
3116 Grommetless Piston Syringe 30
3118 Grommetless Piston Syringe w/STA 30
W034 Flat-Top Syringe (Mini-Bulk) 30
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