Prefilled Flush Syringes

The SteriCare Solutions sterile water products provide safe, medical grade saline and water products to clinicians. Our Prefilled Saline Syringes provide the clinician with a high quality, terminally sterile, ready to use solution to enhance patient care and improve clinical workflow while reducing the risk for medication error and inadvertent needlestick injuries.
SteriCare Quality
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing process ensures that our product is inspected at every step in the assembly process
  • All of our sterile saline and water is produced on-site to guarantee that our products meet the highest standards of purification
  • On site chemistry labs provide an additional level of product integrity pre and post sterilization
  • All syringes, including the fluid pathway are terminally sterilized to eliminate risk of solution contamination
SteriCare Performance
  • Low break force construction reduces incidental product waste
  • Needle free design eliminates risk of an inadvertent needlestick
  • Single use design to help reduce risk of medication errors and contamination
  • Distinct and prominent syringe labeling allows for easy identification of syringe size and volume
SteriCare Solutions: The Pure Perfection Difference
  • Market leading proficiency in Private Label partnerships
  • Innovative solutions to meet your supply chain needs
  • Flexible pricing options based on unit commitment
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Product manufactured and sterilized on site in the U.S.A

Prefilled Saline Syringe Ordering Information

All units contain 0.9% USP Sodium Chloride Injection sterile water. Product has been terminally sterilized and individually packaged with a two year shelf life. Product does NOT contain any natural latex. UDI compliant.
Item Description Case Qty
1203 3 mL IV Flush Syringe 180
1205 5 mL IV Flush Syringe 180
1210 10 mL IV Flush Syringe 180
1203-BP 3 mL IV Flush Syringe – Bulk Pack 400
1205-BP 5 mL IV Flush Syringe – Bulk Pack 400
1210-BP 10 mL IV Flush Syringe – Bulk Pack 400
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