Pure Quality

Quality for the Stericare ™ Solutions products is paramount. We pride ourselves on robust quality systems using highly capable testing equipment and advanced statistical analysis. Our commitment is to ensure that every product is safe and effective for our loved ones!  

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

To ensure the continued effectiveness of our quality management system, we commit to frequently evaluating and refining key processes:
  • Establishing quality objectives
  • Corporate and on-site internal audits
  • CAPA programs

Testing and Validations

All software, equipment, and processes are validated per standard to provide consistent and safe manufacturing of our products. We prioritize the safety of our customers and partnerships by conducting testing throughout the manufacturing process at three main stages:
  1. In-Process: inspection by attributes, particulate matter, and fill volume, and testing bottle cap torque, seal leakage, and material bioburdens
  2. Finished Product: conductivity, saline concentration, oxidation, endotoxin, pH, and more
  3. Water System: validated ozone sanitization, routine sampling and testing of all water system drops as per USP WFI Standards

Global Regulatory Compliance

Here at Stericare Solutions, we honor quality agreements with our customers and keep all standard certifications up to date, including: