BPGC, Spinnaker International and R Investments acquire controlling interest in Stericare Solutions

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Jan. 5, 2023 — BPGC Management LP (“BPGC”), Spinnaker International LLC (“Spinnaker”) and R Investments (together the “Acquiror”) has acquired a majority stake in Nurse Assist LLC, the maker of the Stericare Solutions (“Stericare”) brand of medical water products.

Stericare is an independent specialty manufacturer of medical grade saline and water products with a focus on, prefilled flush syringes, USP sterile water and saline, sterile saline wound flush and irrigation kits. The company’s medical water system is recognized by many in the industry for its high quality and track record of consistency. The Acquiror will own 70 percent of Stericare.

Stephen Toy, co-founder of BPGC – “Stericare has a first-class water purification system that delivers consistent, high quality medical grade water. We believe this in-house water system can be further expanded to drive growth in existing and new product categories.”

Kevin Seifert, co-founder of Spinnaker International – “The company’s management team has successfully elevated Stericare into a best-in-class manufacturer with a strong market presence. Supporting this team with our capital and execution guidance, we are confident that a significant growth model will flourish to serve many of the market’s unmet needs.”

Wilbur Ross, founder of R Investments – “This is my first investment into medical products and services. Stericare can expand rapidly from the strong demand growth for its sterilized products, by increasing its market share and by acquisitions. I look forward to serving on the board to assist management in achieving these goals.

Stephen Toy further added “Kevin and I have known each other for over 20 years. We are delighted to be partnering on Stericare and are excited to collaborate on driving further growth and expansion opportunities for the business.”